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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pragma On Key – Release 3 Milestone Reached

I’m watching the final TeamCity daily build as I type this and I’m super excited about the next major milestone that we’ve accomplished for Pragma On Key, our company’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS).  It’s been 30 months of hard work to re-write and extend the system using Silverlight and .NET.  We started off as early adopters with the Silverlight Beta’s and .NET 3.5 and with the latest build we are using Silverlight 3 and .NET 4.0 as the technology platform.  We evaluated Silverlight 4 but due to some unresolved memory issues in the framework we decided to stick with Silverlight 3 for now.  We hope to be upgrading to Silverlight 4 soon here after.

I’m very proud of the way the team pulled through all the difficult times to end up with what I feel is a solid platform to build on for the future.  As always there is still a lot of things we can and will improve on going forward, but I think we have come along way since the start of the project.  From adopting a new SDLC (SCRUM) to learning a complete new technology skill set (C#; Silverlight, TDD, CI etc.) and in the process close to doubling in team size. Currently we have 2 Analysts, 5 Testers, 13 Developers (me included) and a Software Development Manager.   I can honestly say that within the 2.5 years we only had one or two isolated incidents with the team dynamics.  I think this is a great testimony to the quality of the people working here at Pragma.

We are now entering the final phases of testing the new release of On Key at a big international client who is planning to go live with the system end of Feb 2011.  So after more than 20 000 CI builds, 230 tested builds, 26 820 commits and with just more than 9000 unit and integration tests it is great to finally see the new version of On Key coming of age!  We’ve got some real nifty features included in this release and I think customers will enjoy the new web based interface as well.  I hope to be blogging a bit more about this and our internal development environment in the future.  Well done to all involved!



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