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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Messaging Plugin for Xamarin and Windows 2.0.0

I’ve been having some fun taking part in the Xamarin Holiday contest for creating a Xamarin plugin.  My entry for the competition is a Messaging Plugin.  The Messaging plugin makes it possible to make a phone call, send a SMS or send an e-mail using the default messaging applications on the different mobile platforms.

I’ve been slowly adding new features and have just published a new version of the plugin that adds support for sending attachments as part of an e-mail.  In addition to adding attachments support I did some clean-up and refactoring on the plugin API.  Unfortunately this introduces a few breaking changes and I’ve therefore decided to make the new version a major update (2.0.0).

Here is a list of supported features for v2:

  • Send SMS (supported on iOS, Android, WinPhone 8, WinPhone RT)
  • Make Phone Call (supported on iOS, Android, WinPhone 8, WinPhone RT)
  • Send Email (supported on iOS, Android, WinPhone 8, WinPhone RT and limited support on WinStore via mailto protocol)
  • Send HTML Email (supported on iOS, Android)
  • Send Email Attachments (supported on iOS, Android, WinPhone RT)

Here is the release notes for v2:

  • Added support for attachments via IEmailAttachment abstraction
  • Added IEmailMessage abstraction
  • Breaking change: Deprecated EmailMessageRequest.  Construct IEmailMessage using EmailMessageBuilder instead.
  • Breaking change: Changed IEmailTask.SendMail overload to use IEmailMessage.
  • Breaking change: Deprecated Lotz.Xamarin.Messaging.Abstractions namespace. Use Lotz.Xamarin.Messaging instead.

So head over to NuGet to install the latest version.  Full documentation on how to use the API and examples for using the plugin for the different platforms can be found in the GitHub repository. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

TFS Release Notes Generator on Github

A while back I wrote an article on how to generate release notes from a TFS Work Item Query into a PDF output file. I recevied some requests for access to the full source code and not only the snippets showed in the blogpost. I've now uploaded the solution on Github. Have fun :-)